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Buyers Beware – Rogue Sellers

Buyers Beware – Rogue Sellers

Here at Home Teeth Whitening we take our customers online safety very seriously. That is why we only use the safest checkouts that offer both buyer and seller protection.

As a company we have dealt with online trade for decades, we see companies come and go and over time we have seen patterns with competitors evolve.

There are companies out there who’s aim is to take your money and not send you anything or ignore your emails if anything goes wrong. We have wrote this article to protect you against these sellers.

Over the last few years we have noticed a large volume of emails coming in from people asking where there order is and why we are not replying. When dealing with these queries a common theme starts to show. There are multiple websites out there who constantly change their web address once their account gets closed and open up another one with the same web design, prices and offers but just a new name.

What to look out for!

  1. Companies offering huge discounts of up to 40% off but their normal prices are astronomical, tricking you into thinking you are getting an amazing discount.
  2. Companies using the same web design, we have noticed these companies will use logos of large corporations to make their website look more official such as GQ, Vogue, ELLE or Cosmopolitan.
  3. Companies using Shopify – As they are unable to use PayPal and other reputable merchants such as Stripe or certain companies will resort to using Shopify which is a quick and easy way to open an account and start accepting payments.
  4. Companies who do not use a professional email address, they will generally use a gmail account as it is quick and easy to create one.
  5. When you try to leave the site a discount wheel will appear tempting you to stay and use the discount codes to purchase from them. Or a pop up with information of another customer bought a product.
  6. A very limited amount of products. Official Crest sellers will have the full range of products available to sell to you. Companies that offer just a few products are most likely not official sellers or selling fake products.
  7. Their prices will seem very low as the picture you are shown looks like you are getting a box for a fraction of the normal cost but really you are only purchasing a few treatments.

Here at Home Teeth Whitening we only sell genuine official products sourced directly from the manufacturers. We only use safe merchants to process your payments and we do not store any financial information on our databases. Our reviews are verified by YOTPO and Trustpilot. We cannot make fake reviews and all customer reviews are stored by YOTPO and Trustpilot, verified and then counted towards our google star ranking.

We ship all orders the same day 7 days a week via fast reputable couriers. We clearly show with pictures and descriptions on every page to show you exactly what you will receive.

Remember, if it sounds too good to be true, it usually is!


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