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Home Teeth Whitening Max White Strips.
Same strength as Crest Professional Effects at half the price.
40 strips / 20 treatments in a sealed retail box.

Introducing Home Teeth Whitening Max White Strips – Your New Go-To for a Dazzling, Healthy Smile!

Unlock the secret to a whiter, brighter smile with our Home Teeth Whitening Max White Strips. Formulated with the same professional-grade ingredients and strength as the popular Crest White Strips, our Max White Strips deliver noticeable results without the hefty price tag. Why pay more when you can get the same stain-lifting power at half the cost?

Product Features:

  • Enhanced Adhesion: Say goodbye to slipping and sliding! Unlike recent versions of Crest strips, our Max White Strips boast superior adhesion technology, ensuring they stay securely in place for the duration of your whitening session.
  • Powerful Stain Removal: Tackle years of stains in just days. Our advanced formula works tirelessly to dissolve and lift stains caused by coffee, wine, smoking, and more, revitalizing your smile with each treatment.
  • Economical Solution: Experience professional teeth whitening at home for half the price of Crest White Strips. With our Max White Strips, a radiant smile isn’t just possible—it’s also affordable.


Home Teeth Whitening Max White Strips Comparison Chart Vs Crest Professional Effects
Save money and get the same results with Home Teeth Whitening Max White Strips

Deliciously Vegan & Refreshingly Minty: Our strips are a guilt-free pleasure, free from animal-derived ingredients, making them a perfect choice for vegans. Plus, they are infused with a delightful mint flavor, leaving your mouth feeling fresh and clean after every use.

Safe and Effective: Formulated with safety and efficacy in mind, our strips are gentle on enamel and designed for minimal sensitivity. Trusted ingredients mean you can whiten your teeth confidently and comfortably. Plus, they are FDA approved, ensuring compliance with strict safety standards.

Pack Contents: Each box contains a full course of treatments 20 treatments – 40 strips, designed to transform your smile over 20 days, providing long-lasting whiteness.

Step into the spotlight with a smile you love—without stretching your budget. Home Teeth Whitening Max White Strips are the smart choice for those who demand excellence and value in their oral care products.

Home Teeth Whitening Max White Strips box, a pouch with strips visible, and individual whitening strips laid out on a clean surface.

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