Colgate Optic White Renewal High Impact White Whitening Toothpaste


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Colgate Optic White Renewal High Impact Whitening Toothpaste 1 x 3.oz tube in sealed retail box

Colgate® Optic White® Renewal is our best whitening toothpaste ever. It contains 3% hydrogen peroxide, a professionally recommended whitening ingredient proven to deeply whiten beyond surface stains. With unprecedented whitening power, this teeth whitening toothpaste removes 10 years of yellow stains while being safe for enamel.

Colgate Optic White Renewal Toothpaste

• Turn back time with Colgate’s best whitening toothpaste ever!

• With unprecedented whitening power, Colgate’s patented 3% hydrogen peroxide formula removes 10 years of yellow stains

• Contains dentist recommended hydrogen peroxide for teeth whitening

• Enamel-safe teeth whitening, that’s good for daily use

• Fluoride toothpaste formula to protect against cavities

• Vegan toothpaste

• Gluten free and sugar free toothpaste

• *when brushing twice daily for 4 weeks.

Colgate Optic White Renewal contains our highest level of hydrogen peroxide, while being safe for enamel, gluten free, sugar free, and vegan.


Instructions: Directions: Some people may experience tooth sensitivity or gum discomfort when using whitening products. This discomfort is temporary and not harmful. If you experience more than mild tooth sensitivity, stop use and consult your dentist.

Adults and Children 6 Years of Age and Older: Brush teeth thoroughly, preferably after each meal or at least twice a day, or as directed by a dentist or physician. Children 6 to 12 Years: Use only a pea sized amount and supervise child’s brushing and rinsing (to minimize swallowing).

Children Under 6 Years: Do not use unless directed by a dentist or physician.