Crest 3D Whitestrips Supreme Professional Exclusive


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Crest Professional Exclusive With LED Accelerator 42 Strips – 21 Treatments + LED Accelerator In Sealed Retail Box Crests most powerful whitening package


Enhance your whitening results with the Crest LED Accelerator Light. Applying our LED Blue Light after 60 minutes of having used Crest 3D WhiteStrips (just before removing the strips) will accelerate stain break-down to get faster results.


Crest 3DWhitestrips are flexible, thin strips coated in a tooth whitener containing peroxide designed to securely conform to the shape of your teeth and keep the tooth whitener in place. Crest AdvancedSEAL™ No Slip Technology provides a form fit, no-slip grip that moulds and adheres to teeth for a better whitening experience.


USE STRIPS ONCE A DAY FOR 60 MINUTES. Treatment length when used per directions lasts 7 days. For full results use entire kit. Use up to two kits per year.

1. PEEL & APPLY: Peel the upper and lower strip from plastic backing liner and apply strips to upper and lower teeth. WEAR FOR 60 MINUTES. DO NOT REMOVE THE TEETH WHITENING STRIPS YET.

2. BOOST: Place the light against strips for 5 minutes. Light will turn off after 5 minutes. Then remove the light and strips. Peel strips from back of teeth first to ease removal.

3. SMILE AND GO: Now, you’re ready to reveal your whiter smile.

It is best if you do not brush your teeth immediately before applying strips.

A full guide on how to use Crest White Strips can be found here: How to use Crest 3D White Strips

Not recommended for pregnant women or individuals with gum disease. You can read more about whitening whilst pregnant here.

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