POLADAY HP 9.5% Gel Advanced Teeth Whitening System Single Syringes

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Pola Day HP 9.5% Teeth Whitening Gel Single Syringes Not In Retail Box

PolaDay HP 9.5% is a powerful tooth-whitening system that you can use at home with your custom dental trays for professional-looking results. Whitening takes just 15-30 minutes, so you can whiten once or twice in one day. PolaDay HP 9.5% is the perfect way to jump-start an extended whitening treatment or touch up your smile in between more intensive bleaching regimens.

What do I get?

One unit of PolaDay HP 9.5% contains a 1.3g syringe of pleasant-tasting whitening gel. Each syringe contains a sufficient amount of gel to treat all teeth for 1-2 bleaching session (dependent on how much you dispense).

PolaDay HP 9.5% is a product of SDI, an Australian company. All products from Home Teeth Whitening have the latest expiration dates. We store every item in a temperature-controlled environment for freshness.

How do I use it?

PolaDay HP 9.5% is used with custom dental trays that you’ve obtained from your dentist. The high-viscosity gel is easy to load and resists leaking. With compartmented trays, place a small drop of gel into the compartment for each tooth. If you have simpler trays, just apply a thin, continuous bead of gel along the entire tray, aiming the syringe toward the front of the tray. One syringe is enough to fill both trays.

Once you’ve loaded your trays, seat them in your mouth, one at a time. Wipe excess gel from your gums with a tissue, cotton swab, or dry, soft toothbrush. Leave your trays in for no more than 30 minutes—if whitening twice per day apply for 15 minutes per treatment.

After 30/15 minutes, take the trays out of your mouth. Rinse both your mouth and the trays with tepid water. Wipe away any remaining gel with a finger if necessary. Next, brush your teeth gently. Let your trays dry before putting them away. Finally, check out your brand-new, brighter smile!

Store your PolaDay HP 9.5% in the refrigerator until you’re ready to whiten. Let the product warm to room temperature before use. Do not use PolaDay HP 9.5% after the expiration date as the peroxide gels effectiveness starts to degrade.

Is it safe?
Yes! The active ingredient in PolaDay 9.5% is hydrogen peroxide, a proven whitening agent. Hydrogen peroxide is both safe and effective, so you’ll get whiter teeth without sacrificing comfort. Additionally, PolaDay reduces tooth sensitivity with its special combination of:

  • A desensitizing ingredient
  • Fluoride
  • A high water content
  • A thickening agent
  • A neutral pH
  • Soothers and conditioners

Enamel is porous, and the whitening gel will be soaked up into the tooth and diffuse evenly. It isn’t necessary to overload your trays with gel or to push the gel firmly into your teeth. Doing so may irritate your gums. Follow the instructions, and you’ll be sure to get safe and effective whitening.

Try PolaDay 9.5% for fast, effective whitening!

With PolaDay 9.5%, all it takes is 30 minutes to get whiter teeth and a healthier smile!